Pre-Foundation Course

Foundation for Excellence in School

This part of teaching builds the strong foundation of concepts so that students can achieve excellence in school level studies. It also develops Intelligence Quotient and competitive capabilities.

Foundation for Success in Competitive Exams

This part of teaching enhances ability and competitive aptitude and examination temperament of the students and takes them to the higher level in study to succeed in various


Building strong foundation through systematic and structured teaching which leads to excellent Performance at school level


Skill enhancement through intensive training for various competitive examinations like NSTSE, IMO, NSO, UCO & SOF etc. Workshops, conferences and seminars etc. at national and international levels to broaden the outlook of the student.


Fostering sound academic skills & raising intellectual level for government exams and Olympiads like NTSE, IJSO, RMO, NSEP/B/C/A and future target like JEE, Pre-Medical

Advantage of an Early Start

  • Development of temperament, attitude and habits for facing the objective based competitive exams
  • Boosting of self confidence, increase of speed in solving questions and learning time management
  • Exposure to the depth knowledge of subjects, the approach to learn and understand them Higher chances of selection in competitive exams along with class 12th

Objective of the Courses

  • To get excellence in school Examination as course covers the complete school syllabus.
  • Preparing students for NTSE, International Olympiads, KVPY & other competitive examinations conducted by various Government and Non-Government Organizations.
  • To prepare student for future competitive examination in a systematic manner and in stress free environment as this course provides sufficient time to student to grasp and master fundamentals which ensure success in first attempt
  • To enhance the personality and presentation skills of the students at early stage for a successful career.

Study Material

  • Highly systematic and complete study material will be provided to students.
  • Study material covers both school syllabus, competitive exam and also lays a very strong foundation for future competitive examinations.

Home Assignments & Checking

Students will be given home assignments on each chapter which they have to attempt and submit.

This will be checked by our experts and will be returned to the student with remarks and suggestions for improvement.